Friday, January 11, 2013

Several Relevant Knowledge on about Purple Heels

Looking for some relevant info on purple heels? Well, then go through the following write-up and choose the one best for yourself. 

Purple heels shoes models
Purple heels look authentic and beautiful on any gal. And if you are wondering over the kinds or patterns, then there is lot more to go. Be it the purple sandals with a dolly strap at the ankle or the sexy stilettos, the super popular purple pumps, the winteryankle-high boots, knee-high boots, thigh-high boots or the I-would-rather-prefer-typewedges, all have their own spark which makes all women look smart and confident! If you ask me about the color range, the choice is entirely yours, right from light purple to velvety purple to a much darker dull-purple!

satin purple rosette heels picture
Next expected query is, what to wear with purple heels? Let me tell you, here you would have to make a smart choice of your attire. Think before you wear. I am afraid, but purple doesn't go with all the colors. Choices of colors which could be carried off with purple heels are black or purple outfits. A black one piece with purple heels would look the best, if you ask me. Pair it with purple dangling earrings, a necklace and a clutch. You can pair up a purple feminine top or a purple jacket and skinny black jeans along with knee-high boots or strapped purple stilettos too!
Alexander McQueen Purple Heart Peep Toe Pumps purple pumps over 3 inch images

Purple heels for wedding have been a rage these days. Go for the dark purple heels if you are thinking of wearing these at a wedding reception. The sexy sleek stilettos with a flirty bow are best and would look awesome, trust me! The satin purple heels with crystals, gems, glitters and bows are in and must-have for wedding brides. For a more partier-look, I would say, go for the dolly strap purple sandals or the purple pumps. Come winters and purple knee-high boots are what you should have in your closet! These not only look smart but are the best comfy heels.
purple heels with bling bows images
For a more business kinda look, wherein you are going to wear formal shirts and pants, purple heels can be substituted for the normal black ones, any day! Buy the leather purple peep toe heels, sleek and smart! And lastly for a very casual look, you can try out the light purple heels with a white off-shoulder top and a purple long skirt. Simple yet classy!