Sunday, January 27, 2013

Men Hairstyles for Round Face

We say that people have round faces if their faces are in the circular shape. People who have the round faces look very cute and the round faces denote serenity and information exchange. The hair styles of the men who have the round faces affect their look.

Many people do not have the perfect round faces. Men can choose their hairstyles based on the width and length of the faces.

When they have the short hairstyles, they seem to be good looking. The reason is that the short hair style gives the view like a crown on the head. Another perfect hair style will be having spikes. The spike should be made as straight as people can, they should not increase the width of the face.

The hair style which has a side swept bangs will have the good effect on the people. This hairstyle will be the apt one for the rounded face people, since it draws the attention of the people away from the side face. It creates the fantasy that the face is not wide and looks narrow.

Deciding whether the face is in the circular shape is not a very difficult task. Men can do the observation being from their homes. The items needed to decide the round shape of the face include mirror, a measuring tape and paper or any other material to note down the measurements.

1. The first step to identify the round shape is to measure the space from one side bone on the cheek to the other bone.

2. The second step is to measure the jaw which forms the mouth and contains the teeth. Keep the tape on the jaw bone which is just below the right eye and till the next jaw bone.

3. The third step is to measure the breadth of the forehead. Keep the tape in the center of the eye brow and measure till the next center of the eyebrow. Keep the tape on the eye brow or a little bit above the eyebrows.

4. The fourth step is to measure the face length. Keep the tape in the middle of the hairline through the nose and mouth and till the chin.

When the measurements are recorded, we can decide upon the shape of the faces. From the measurement, check the width and length. If the length and width are more or less equal, then the face is said to be in the round shape.

People who have the plump faces look like they have the round faces. The round shapes vary in various ways. The plump faces are created when people have over fat in the body, the fat covers more or less all the face bones and the face seem to be round.

People, who are plump, will commonly have more than one chin which will be created by the excess fat in the body. They are formed between the neck and the chin of the body. The round faces are seen among the people when they are young or at their middle age.